Month: March 2013

2013 World Championships Quick Links

ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships
April 3-6, 2013
Boston, MA, USA



ISU Comm. 1786: Well Balanced Program Content for 2013-14

One objective behind restructuring the Special Regulations and Technical Rules at least year’s Congress was to enable the Well Balanced Program Content to be revealed in a more timely and relevant fashion (i.e., to allow more flexibility in determining WBP content by not writing it in stone two years in advance). Rules 905, paragraph 2 (p. 94) and 911, paragraph 2 (p. 103) promised to publish new WBP Content by April 1st, and the ISU has delivered. With the 2013 World Championships still over a week away, the ISU has already published Communication 1786, outlining the WBP Content for the 2013-14 season. Here’s the link with details for all ISU categories, and here’s the overview for Junior and Senior: (more…)

Looking back to plan ahead: tips for effective reflection on your season

Though 20 or so of the globe’s best synchronized skating teams are still gearing up to peak at the World Championships in just a few weeks, the 2012-13 competitive season is winding down for most team skaters. Watching my Facebook and Twitter feeds become flooded with try-out notices, I’m prompted to encourage coaches and skaters not to forget to spend some time reflecting on the past season before being carried away by dreams of what lies ahead. Whether your season was successful, dismal, or something in between, taking a hard look at what did and didn’t work over the past several months can help you make smart decisions about how to approach the coming year. (more…)

2013 World Junior Championships quick links

ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships
March 7-9, 2013
Helsinki, Finland


Synchro in the media – what?!

Maybe I’ve just noticed it more because I was involved with the Skate Canada Synchronized Championships taking place last week in Calgary, my sometimes-hometown, and was on the look-out for media coverage. Or maybe this is all a dream. OR, maybe synchro is finally getting some of the R-E-S-P-E-C-T it deserves in the media, indicated in particular by the appearance of this very well-written article about our beloved sport in the high-profile New York Times yesterday: A Move to the Front Line.

Don’t question it. Let’s just appreciate it.

Here are some of the other pieces I came across last week about the Canadian Championships:

And before the die-hards among us start to nit-pick some of the inaccuracies scattered throughout, I think it’s fair to say that as the sport has improved, so had the media coverage. I think each of these pieces shows synchro in a great light overall, and introduces the general public to it in a way that enhances its appeal as a bona-fide athletic endeavour.

The future looks bright, folks.