CBC broadcast of Worlds rescheduled for Saturday, April 23

The bad news: we have to wait one more week to see Worlds televised on CBC. The good news: it looks like they’ve extended the broadcast by an hour, so we’ll get three hours of coverage instead of two! Well done, CBC.

The CBC website is currently showing conflicting start times. One page indicates the broadcast will begin at 4:30 PM and another displays 3:00 PM. The time zone calculator seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis as well, but hopefully we’ll have a confirmed broadcast time in the near future. I’ll be keeping my eye on this page and Twitter for updates. Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Lauren,

    Here’s the text from the ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules:

    “For the Short Program and Free Skating the team must begin to glide or skate within ten (10) seconds from the start of the music. The deduction will be done by the Referee.” (p. 92)

    The referee times this for every single team in both programs. It may be tricky to verify on TV depending on the angle of the camera, and considering I can recall broadcasts in the past where they launch right into the start of the program with no lead-in, so you can’t necessarily pinpoint the exact moment the music starts.



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