World’s top teams will compete for $50,000 in prize money in London


It’s been years since a Senior International was held in Canada (other than Worlds), so the announcement that London, Ontario, host of the 2007 World Synchro Championships, would be holding an event this December was exciting simply on its own. But now there’s $50,000 in prize money involved?

That’s a big deal.

The news comes from an article on the John Labatt Centre’s website, where you can also purchase tickets. Yes, $50,000 is a pittance compared to what singles skaters, ice dancers, and pairs teams earn on the ISU Grand Prix circuit, when you consider how many individual athletes a synchro competition involves. It doesn’t matter whether the prize money for Synchro in the City is in Canadian or American dollars, or some other currency entirely–split $50,000 among one team, some teams, or all of the teams, and it disappears pretty quickly no matter whose mug is on the bills. What’s worth more than the amount, however, is the additional legitimacy this brings to the sport. If this trend continues, could we actually see synchro skaters start to regularly earn money as professional athletes?

That’s a very big deal.

Tickets for the 2011 Synchro in the City — London Synchrofest International (could they have chosen a longer name?) go on sale Friday, October 21st. Maybe Santa will bring me a seat sale for Christmas.


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