Haydenettes lead SynchroFest after short program

The short programs for the 2011 SynchroFest International wrapped up last night–or did they?

After Rockettes’ score was changed during the event last night–they were initially awarded 61.23, which was then corrected to 59.83–another revision was posted this morning. Les Supremes’ original score of 57.87 has been adjusted to 55.20, dropping them into 5th place below Nexxice. That leaves the final final short program standings as follows: 

  1. Haydenettes (USA) 61.02
  2. Paradise (RUS) 60.83
  3. Rockettes (FIN) 59.83
  4. Nexxice (CAN) 57.29
  5. Les Supremes (CAN) 55.20
  6. Crystallettes (USA) 43.91
  7. Jingu Ice Messengers (JPN) 41.10
  8. Fusion (CAN) 37.67

Detailed protocols are here, and if you missed last night’s skates, you can still view them on the Skatebuzz archive.

With respect to the scoring changes, some of you may be wondering–can they do that? The answer is yes, when there is a mathematical calculation or data input error. Teams may lodge a protest to dispute a score or result (only where there is a calculation error, not where human error results in an incorrectly identified element or difficulty level), or the Referee may authorize the correction of a data input error, provided the Technical Controller, Technical Specialist, and Data Input Operator all agree there was an error. See p. 118 of the ISU Constitution and General Regulations for additional details.

Early in the season, it’s also not uncommon for there to be glitches in the computer software, when new technical base values and GOE values are added to the system. Coincidentally, this was the case in a situation announced by the ISU yesterday, where the results of the free dance in the ISU Grand Prix Final were affected: ISU Judging System – Calculation Program.

With less than six points separating the top five teams, and just over a point separating the top three, every spot on the podium, and the associated prize money, is still up for grabs during tonight’s free programs. Teams will skate in the reverse order of short program finish. The action gets underway at 7:00PM (EST) and will be streamed live once again via Skatebuzz.

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