2013 Worlds: Videos from Boston

If you were in Boston last week at the 2013 World Synchronized Skating Championships, you were fortunate to witness some of the best skating this sport has ever seen. If you couldn’t make it to the event, you can thank the magic of the Internet for providing access to the performances on video, below.

I make a point to attend the World Championships whenever they’re in North America, and while each time I leave feeling that our sport is headed in a great direction, this time I was truly blown away by the improvement I saw across the entire event since being in Colorado in 2010. Every single team has upped their game. The quality of skating from the top teams was particularly incredible, but there wasn’t a team in Boston that didn’t contribute something positive to the intense competitive atmosphere of the event, and didn’t impress me with some aspect of their skating. Thank you to every athlete, coach, manager, choreographer, trainer, and supporting cast member for working your butts off so the rest of us could watch such fabulous skating!

Team Finland 1 (Team Unique): 1st, 208.77

Team Canada 1 (NEXXICE): 2nd, 208.25

Team USA 1 (Haydenettes): 3rd, 202.53

Team Finland 2 (Marigold IceUnity): 4th, 201.00

Team Russia 1 (Paradise): 5th, 197.31

Team Canada 2 (Les Supremes): 6th, 191.42

Team Sweden 1 (Team Surprise): 7th, 185.82

Team USA 2 (Miami University): 8th, 172.01

Team Sweden 2 (Team Boomerang): 9th, 167.48

Team Germany (Team Berlin 1): 10th, 153.65

Team Russia 2 (Tartarstan): 11th, 152.88

Team Italy (Hot Shivers): 12th, 150.16

Team France (Les Zoulous): 13th, 124.92

Team Japan (Jingu Ice Messengers Grace): 14th, 120.17

Team Czech Republic (Olympia): 15th, 112.04

Team Australia (Nova): 16th, 90.15

Team Croatia (Zagreb Snowflakes): 17th, 79.37

Team Hungary (Team Passion): 18th, 76.78

Team Mexico (Merging Edge): 19th, 73.42

Team South Africa (Sunthings): 20th, 61.62

Victory Ceremony

You can also watch CBC’s broadcast of Worlds next Saturday, April 13th at 2:00 p.m. MDT: Broadcast Schedule.

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