New and Updated Synchronized Skating Rules

The ISU has released several Communications pertinent to synchronized skating in the past few weeks. At this time of year, revisions are published as quickly as new documents come out, so visit the ISU website often. You can avoid costly mistakes by ensuring you are following the most current set of rules as you design and refine your choreography.

Technical Requirements

Communication 2182 replaces 2159. This document explains all the things you need to do to get credit for the various difficulty levels. Think of it like a checklist of the requirements you need to meet to get a level called.

Scale of Values

I wrote about how to interpret the Scale of Values back in June. Communication 2170 has been updated with corrections to the Scale of Values that are highlighted in yellow.

Major Changes from Congress

The significant changes accepted at Congress are outlined in Communication 2181. These pertain to the Special Regulations and Technical Rules, which should be updated in the coming weeks or months. You can read more about what that document is used for in this post.

International Novice Competitions

Communication 2184 covers guidelines for international Novice competitions, and replaces Communication 2024.

Happy reading!

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